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Shared workspace:
To reduce the startup costs in Europe, 4Acceleration has thought of different ways to increase the cooperation between the startups and give services to them.

Technology and technical knowledge:
Having a digital platform is the key element of starting a digital business. With 4Acceleration you have the opportunity to own your platform in a very short period, so you will be able to pass the marketing test as soon as possible.

Financial management and accounting:
According to European rules, accounting and adjustment of financial statements especially while attracting investors are very crucial. 4Acceleration is providing very well-focused accounting services for startups.

Financing on time is one of the problems that can happen to many businesses. Whenever the startups are in financial need, 4Acceleration with having their strategies provides the financial resources to ease the financial situations for startups.

Legal services:
Having legal guides who are experts in European law can reduce your legal and conventional issues. It is good to mention that 4Acceleration along with legal consultations, also-ran provided basic infrastructures for the startups, for instance, registration of company and getting the important licenses.

Branding and advertising:
Making a visual identity, branding, and advertising managing in European markets is one of the responsibilities of 4Acceleration. Presenting your startup, managing social media and advertising can help the startups to get familiar with European marketing. 4Acceleration helps you to be seen in world markets.

Economical consultation:
One of the other services that 4Acceleration provides the startups, is to give them economical consultation including; making the business plan, business model, justification plan, and checking the feasibility. All the startups will need the mentioned services to get familiar with the market and step wiser in achieving their goals.

Managing the startup:
If the startup’s request, 4Acceleration will be on ton board of directors and help the startups to present themselves in the best beneficial way. Usually in the beginning, because of not having enough information about glob the al market and experience, the startups make many wrong decisions and it leads to experiencing a bad loss. In 4Acceleration we help startups to reduce the chance of losing for startups.

With being in 4Acceleration learning is always ongoing. 4Accelerations with holing public and private courses, with the help of the masters of this field can always educate the startups about all the subjects in the related fields.

Networking and connections:
Building connections with organizations and different businesses are sometimes hard for startups. But 4Acceleration with having a wide network can make the connections for startups. 4Acceleration is a wide world of connections with organizations and global markets that all startups can use according to their needs.

Marketing and sales:
4Acceleration using different ways can help the startups enter and connect to the global markets. The other services of 4Acceleration can be marketing and attracting and educating the people who are ready to work or giving temporary sales teams to the startups.

Attracting the investors:
SA succession of the startups in international markets depends on the markets to accept the idea and the product of the startups. 4Accelerations with attracting the international investors for the startups with using different ways like safes and B2B, private and public courses demo D or even meeting with risky investors will help the startups.

Human resources:
Attracting and educating the needed people for startups, motivating and giving them the ability, especially in a forging country can be one of the most difficult steps for the startups. One of the main services of 4Acceleration is to help the startups to provide and educate the human resources they need.

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