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Business Planning

We develop the relationships that under the next phase in your organisation.

Stakeholder relations

Developing a program to improve the best sanitation and alleviate poverty

Program management

Through nuanced stakeholder relations and astute partnership building.
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Our main duty is to make the connection with companies ,organizations and business centers for the startups to grow and be successful.
We ease the technical development of the organizations, therefore we gathered the biggest and most successful companies of each industry to give the startups the opportunity of developing successfully. With joining to out network you will be in the heart of the innovation.
Nevertheless,having an innovative strategy in a big organization can be challenging sometimes, therefore by connecting you to the well developed startups who are focused on their innovative aims, we ease your way.
After many years of hard working 4acceleration is ready to help you launch your startups and make the connection between you and your industrial peers and active well developed startups. We are so ready to help you from the very basic steps like making the agreement with your customers and buying solutions. Also we are aiming to present the product of our Asian teams to our foreign parties.

At the end of the program, 4acceleration guides the startups with a new path to extend to European market and organizes pitch delivery to investors for a potential investment.

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We're ready to share our advice and experience.

4acceleration is an independent organization, neither sponsored by any corporation nor by any government. The program is provided based on multiple entrepreneur’s successes, taking a company from start to exit and from local to global. Therefore the program is not free of charge. We help startups to grow and provide necessary guidance to create: a long-term vision, leadership, company culture, a disruptive business model, growth techniques, and successful fundraising.

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We adapt our delivery to the way your work, whether as a provider

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We draw on our global network to assemble a team of experts.

We also bring a strong interest in coaching and capability building, with an emphasis on emotional intelligence and effective stakeholder relationships.
Neilagh P.

Neilagh P.

Sabet Y.

Sabet Y.

Jahani A.

Jahani A.

Toye S.

Toye S.

Peirovi B.

Peirovi B.

Peleckis K.

Peleckis K.

Ingram K.

Ingram K.


SEO Specialist

Collaborate Consulting exists to find the place where to being seemingly disparate interests meet. From that point of the connection, we create platforms.
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Case studies

Our client, an analytical company, want to build market and brand.


Hello & welcome Let us tell you our story!

After 24 years of success in inspiring teams to deliver top results, I can unequivocally say the answer to business success is in how you lead your people.

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